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[outdoor knowledge] classification of five series of mountaineering shoes

Release time:2021-08-19 Source:Guangzhou Hange Shoes Co., Ltd

Mountaineering shoes should be a kind of outdoor shoes. We are used to calling outdoor shoes mountaineering shoes. Outdoor shoes are classified according to their different adaptability. Different series are suitable for different sports and terrain. The more common outdoor shoes can be roughly divided into five series.
Classification of mountaineering shoes: mountaineering series
Mountaineering series can be divided into high mountain boots and low mountain boots.
High mountain boots can also be called heavy mountaineering boots. These mountaineering shoes are designed for climbing snow mountains. The sole is usually made of super wear-resistant vibram rubber, lined with carbon plate, which has strong impact resistance and can be loaded with ice claws. The upper design is very high, generally more than 20cm. The upper is sewn with hard plastic resin or thickened cow leather and sheepskin, lined with warm shoe cover, which is suitable for complex and harsh snow Ice, rock and mixed terrain can effectively protect your feet.
Low mountain boots can also be called heavy climbing shoes. This kind of climbing shoes is used for mountain peaks below 6000 meters above sea level. It is especially suitable for climbing ice walls or rock walls mixed with ice and snow. The outsole is made of wear-resistant vibram rubber, and the middle outsole is lined with FRP fiberboard. The sole is very hard and has strong impact resistance. It has sufficient support during climbing. The upper is sewn with thickened (more than 3.0mm) whole leather or sheepskin, In order to enhance the waterproof and moisture permeability effect, Gore Tex or Sympatex is commonly used as the lining, with an insulating layer in the middle. The mountaineering upper is usually 15cm-20cm high, which can effectively protect your feet and reduce injury under complex terrain conditions. Some styles are equipped with crampon structure, and binding crampons can be used if there is no fixed structure. The specific gravity mountaineering boots are light, and the specific gravity mountaineering boots should be comfortable when taking off the ice claws.
Classification of mountaineering shoes II: crossing series
The crossing series can also be called Hiking Series. The design goal is to adapt to medium and long-distance load-bearing walking in complex terrain such as low mountains, valleys, deserts and Gobi.
The structural characteristics of this kind of mountaineering shoes also belong to high top shoes. The upper height is usually more than 15cm, with strong support, which can effectively protect the ankle and reduce injury. The outsole is made of vibram wear-resistant rubber. Professional brands also design nylon plate support between the outsole and midsole to enhance the hardness of the sole, effectively prevent the deformation of the sole and enhance the impact resistance. The vamp is often made of medium thickness first layer cowhide, sheepskin or leather mixed vamp. The leather surface is made of dura super wear-resistant Cordura fabric, which is much lighter and more flexible than mountaineering series. In order to solve the waterproof problem, most styles are lined with Gore Tex material, and some are waterproof with oil skin. This kind of mountaineering shoes can walk on the water below the ankle or in the rain.
The third classification of mountaineering shoes: Hiking Series
Hiking Series can also be called light mountaineering shoes, which are commonly used in outdoor sports. The design goal is medium and short distance light-weight hiking, which is suitable for gentle mountains, jungles and general outings or camping activities.
The design features of this kind of mountaineering shoes are that the upper is less than 13cm and has a structure to protect the ankle. The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber, the midsole is made of microporous foam and double-layer encrypted rubber, the sole of high-grade brand is designed with plastic plate interlayer, which has good impact resistance and shock absorption, and the upper is made of full leather, leather surface or leather mixed materials. Some styles are lined with Gore Tex, while others are not waterproof.
The advantages of medium top mountaineering shoes lie in light weight, softness, comfort and good air permeability. When walking in an environment with uncomplicated terrain, middle upper shoes should be better than high upper shoes.
Classification of mountaineering shoes 4: sports series
The sports series of mountaineering shoes is often called short top shoes, and its design goal is daily wear and non weight-bearing sports. The wear-resistant rubber outsole enables you never to worry about the impact of sole wear on use. The elastic midsole can not only reduce the impact on the foot, but also relieve the pressure of weight on the foot. High grade low top shoes usually have keel design, which can not only effectively prevent sole deformation, but also enhance shoe support. The tight upper design makes you feel like the shoe is growing on your foot. This kind of shoes are often equipped with leather upper or nylon mesh surface, so the texture is lighter. A pair of shoes is often less than 400g and has good flexibility. At present, in some European and American countries, this series of mountaineering shoes is the most commonly used and best-selling variety.
Classification of mountaineering shoes 5: upstream series
Suoxi series can also be called outdoor sandals. It often adopts mesh or belt braided structure to design the upper. The outsole adopts wear-resistant rubber and has a soft plastic insole. The sole and upper are made of non absorbent materials. It is suitable for tracing streams and watery environment in hot season. Due to the selection of non absorbent materials, it can be dried quickly away from the watery environment, so as to maintain the comfort of walking.

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