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What is the difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes

Release time:2021-08-19 Source:Guangzhou Hange Shoes Co., Ltd

Choosing a pair of shoes suitable for ourselves can make us walk or exercise more easily, but we can always see a variety of hiking shoes and mountaineering shoes in our daily life. Many people feel that hiking shoes are particularly comfortable to wear, so they will wear them when climbing, In fact, this approach is very wrong. There is a certain difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes, and hiking shoes can better protect the ankle. Let's learn about the difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes
What is the difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes
Difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes: hiking shoes are generally low waist, because hiking shoes are designed for walking in areas with good road conditions and walking for a long time, so the protection provided by the sole of hiking shoes is to protect your feet, with excellent perspiration and ventilation effect, which is also an important reason why hiking shoes can be used as urban leisure wear; Mountaineering shoes are high waist, which should protect your ankle from sprain in uneven road conditions. More importantly, the sole of mountaineering shoes is hard.
Buying outdoor shoes, whether mountaineering shoes or hiking shoes, has the same principle, that is, the toes extend to the front end, and the heel should leave a finger wide distance. This is the constant standard when trying shoes in physical outdoor stores. Why should outdoor shoes leave space but can't be bought just right? Because the feet will grow slightly with the sports meeting during sports, many friends can't find them wearing ordinary shoes. When we design outdoor shoes, we take into account the shock absorption when going down the mountain, so the toe usually won't touch the ground, so we can feel the change of the feet when wearing outdoor shoes, because the toe will top to the toe after the foot expands, Moreover, the toe of outdoor shoes are protected against kicks. Generally, the texture is hard, and it will hurt from toe to toe. This is also the reason why outdoor shoes should be larger.

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