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The new military boots have the performance of U-shaped lace up and shock absorption

Release time:2021-08-19 Source:Guangzhou Hange Shoes Co., Ltd

In the earliest years, the economy was relatively backward. Our soldiers wore straw sandals or cloth shoes. At the beginning, shoes and boots could not exist, so most soldiers wore these ordinary straw sandals and cloth shoes to resist the war.
The disadvantages of ordinary shoes are also obvious. As we all know, shoes with poor quality are easy to be damaged, and its replacement rate will continue to rise. A pair of ragged straw sandals or cloth shoes can not protect the feet, and can not stop the attack of water. In this way, the shoes will fall off, not to mention the role of keeping warm.
The rubber shoes that appeared immediately did not work, did not bring much warmth to the soldiers, and the emergence of cheap rubber shoes was useless and easy to be damaged. Moreover, it is airtight, which brings a lot of damage to the soldiers. The skin of the feet often changes, and it is also not waterproof. Therefore, if it is in a humid environment, rubber shoes can not be dried at all.
When necessary, there will be innovation. The people's Liberation Army has found that leather shoes and boots can be used as military boots. Today's 03, 06 and 07 shoes and boots have U-shaped lace up performance and shock absorption function, which provide convenience for military operations. Soldiers can wear them comfortably and will not be wet.
In case of an earthquake, this military boot of the people's Liberation Army has played a great role in protecting their feet from being stabbed by some sharp things in the ruins. In addition, the military boots also have a good function of keeping warm and can resist the cold.
There are different creations for different needs. Some cold places in plateau areas need to wear military boots with Down products. This military boot also has a special material - PTFE film, which has a strong wind proof effect. The emergence of different styles of military boots has not only created welfare for soldiers, but also brought convenience to people. For example, military boots are also very popular.

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