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Hungo hanagal is not only a provider of outdoor equipment, but also a disseminator of outdoor culture;
In the late 1990s, Hange hanagal was founded by Dr. gal of shoes and Inaki of mountain guide. Mountain guide often crosses and challenges various environments and is eager to have a pair of good functional shoes. It has the same ambition as Dr. gal of shoe family in Taiwan, that is, it fits in immediately. The two agreed that cooperation must be based on integrity, that is, the first English letter h of integrity honey is taken as the first letter. Moreover, the two founders have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and are particularly fond of it. They are combined with Han Pinyin and the totem of Chinese dragon. Dragon is a supernatural animal in ancient myths and legends in China and East Asia, which is often used to symbolize auspiciousness, It is one of the most representative traditional cultures of the Chinese nation.
Hango hanagal mainly provides outdoor, military and police tactical shoes for people to walk through, commuting tactics, safety protection, etc., and has obtained a number of patents, and has authorized cooperation with world-famous material suppliers vibram, Sympatex and boa.
Hango hanagal has a strong R & D and quality control team. Based on the development of its own brand, it also provides ODM services, and has established long-term and stable transactions of military and civilian products with many countries in the world.
Hugo military and police outdoor shoes make the world have no difficult road!
• h stands for honest and trustworthy
• a stands for action, practical action
• n stands for nature and is close to nature
• a stands for advocate and advocates ideas
• g stands for green, green and environmental protection
• a stands for positive attitude
• l stands for life and enters life


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Contacts:Miss Liang

       + 86-757-86668219


Guangzhou address:Room 9038 ~ 9058, shafeng commercial building, Huanzhou Second Road, Jinshazhou

Foshan address:Room 304-4, R & D workshop, building 11, Lihe technology industry center, No. 99, zhentaoyuan East Road, Shishan, Nanhai District, Foshan



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